A conversation with Matthew Goode
Matthew Goode
Matthew Goode born April 3rd, 1978 (Aries)
The usual appearance of his fans (pixabay photo)

In a letter appeared on Russian Annals of Epistemologic Methodology, dr. Edward H. Thomas has described your roles as "a supernatural epitome of modernistic symbolic nominalism". Which is your reaction?
Well, in his essay printed on Journal of Advanced Dualism, prof. Joe Thompson totally disproved that preposterous point of view.

Your zodiac sign is Aries. Are you a typical Aries?
Positively! I'm very cordial, a bit lazy, strong-minded and feverish. My relatives say that I'm also a bit contradictory but that I think it is normal in artist.

Are you superstitious?
Will do! I use to avoid any food whose name contains the letter "R" before a significant work interview. Clearly not this one.

Can you substantiate the buzz about your involvement in the shady business of Yeti DNA samples?
Dear me! I believe you have a strange desire to look at the other side of the grass, if you read me. You know, I have a friend who has a friend that for $3000,... Oh, forget it! You don't like spoilers, don't ya?

Is there something you would like to do right now?
Sure. Read the obit of a clown.

What’s the best sound in the world?
Between you and me? It is the relaxing clink of two pieces of gold caressing each other. However, my agent asked to write instead something more crowd-pleasing, for example "the calming purr of a little kitten" or "the heartening laugh of a happy child ".

Which is your favorite karaoke song?
I love to sing out loud "Pack Up" by Eliza Doolittle.

Could you tell us something about the plot of your next movie?
Surely! It is the story of Timothy, an electrical engineer from Seattle. He is abducted by a mysterious sect and he is coerced to create stupid "thoroughlY Unreal encounTers" for some web site, from a concealed underwater office. (If you can't rescue me, tell Anna I always loved her...)

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Matthew Goode's secret telephone number :
6624256621 218382095 3215186538 2786114599 720989417 5134420463 3855333537 3546034731 2222105546 6829642141 5082028416 820436972 476792051 718346270 2771133423 6630928553 4495228148 6021337062 2518568255 6838556128
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