A talk with Megan Fox
Megan Fox
Megan Fox born May 16th, 1986 (Taurus)
Megan Fox is always looking for alternative ways to stay in contact with her fans. (pixabay photo)

Which is your earliest memory?
I have a very indistinct and strange remembrance. There are two men, one tall and slender and the other short and rather heavy, both dressed in black with black sunglasses, sat at a table of a lavish restaurant. Their purpose is to meet an old friend, who is now the maƮtre d' at the restaurant. The two men start making some fuss to embarrass their friend and convince him to go away with them. For example, they talk aloud and harass other customers of the expensive restaurant.

Actually I believe that is a well known scene from the movie "The Blues Brothers".
Shit fire and save matches! You may be right. Yesterday night I dozed at a rerun.

What motivates you to act?
As Nero Wolfe said, "An actor can practice anywhere any time with anybody, and most of them do."

Do you like to cook?
Not on a chance! But I like to invent salads. My cornerstone is a mix of bacon and tofu, which I believe can be fine for both vegans and normal people.

Interesting! Could you share the recipe?
Yes! You take the bacon and the tofu and you make a bunch of sandwiches using some French rolls.

French rolls?
Do not mind, I obtained the recipe from one for a sandwich. After you made those sandwiches, you dispose of the bread and mix bacon and tofu with some gravy and there it is!

What do you eat between meals?
Bacon slices with tahini, a turkey steak, two breakfast cereals, and a few drops of gin.

I read that you will soon be busy with a charity football match. Care to tell us why'd you decide to undertake such an embarrassing effort?
I had to for a small clause in my last contract, which forced me to do something unsettling at least once.

And how long have you been feeling a need to make people aware of asthma?
WHAT? Asthma!? That's not what I was told! I have to call my agent.

There is no possibility any of these is Megan Fox's secret telephone number :
5209999851 7621773704 729795128 5326139474 4906841434 9932483905 6736819322 8186932145 7944458152 3633530290 9158006094 9686485200 4457446040 285054736 5706455338 6843300529 3459398237 3732900963 5115600971 5737880182
My little exchange with Megan Fox has been patiently scheduled days in advance. The resulting transcription was staggering, like it was written by Virginia Wolf at her peak. So, it was damaging, to put it mildly, that my doctor (on purpose!) shredded my only copy! After I put myself together, I tried to remember those mind-blowing words. To be frank, I'm not one hundred percent confident this web page contains a totally truly chronicle of our meeting, and I'm starting to ask myself if it actually happened...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.