A talk with Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams born September 9th, 1980 (Virgo)
As a kid Michelle Williams showed an inexplicable attraction to exotic food like fried frog legs and wasabi (pixabay photo)

Which is the worst DVD (or VHS) in your possession?
Bunk! Apart from "Disaster Movie", which was a gift, probabably it is "Body of Evidence" or "Dungeon and Dragons".

Do you know any good headache cure?
In case of headache, mix one part of sparkling wine, three parts of ground coffee and some balsamic vinegar. Guzzle this brew every 25 minutes for at least 4 hours.

Your work is often stressful. How do you face it?
To make my will stronger, I often rest on a bunk made of rough sandpaper and nails.

Where do you go when you die?
Deeply underground, generally. If you are incinerated then your remains can waste space in somebody else home.

Are you allergic to anything?
Yes, mainly to hydrogen peroxide, backstabbers and mooses.

What’s your worst habit?
Often I loudly tap my fingers on any surface and also on other people's leg.

I read that you will soon be busy with a charity cooking marathon. Can you tell us why'd you decide to undertake such a humiliating effort?
I had to for a little clause in my last contract, which obliged me to fake an interest in good deeds.

And how long have you been feeling a need to inform people about acne?
Oh, since always.

After extensive reserch I concluded the following list doesn't contain Michelle Williams' home telephone number :
8781687282 749950165 967036688 2696597851 271896015 2233998149 2439959530 2733278755 4149276447 9701131055 318091471 808957473 4469417456 4281723779 3470461830 8550678597 459313899 3636651855 9873578574 4450903064
I have a confession to make. My chief had planned my hurried exchange with Michelle Williams days beforehand. Unluckily, I decided at the last moment that I had better things to do, like learning Chinese or collecting toothbrushes. So, the interview above is mainly based on what Michelle Williams would have probably answered if I have met her, as indicated by a statistics involving a couple of her fans.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.