A conversation with Milo Ventimiglia
Milo Ventimiglia
Milo Ventimiglia born July 8th, 1977 (Cancer)
Milo Ventimiglia's main diversion is collecting dummies (pixabay photo)

Your zodiac sign is Cancer. Are you a typical Cancer?
Positively no! I'm very cordial, somehow torpid, surrendering and restless. My relatives say that I'm also a bit inconsistent but that I think it is normal in artist.

Milo, if I may ask, how do you invest all the dough you make?
Take note: when VHS tapes will be successful again I will have my revenge.

What would you like to do right now?
Buy a polygraph for my castle.

Can you tell me the square root of 653442214?
I could tell you, but then I'd have to assassinate you.

Do you have any new tattoos?
Yep! I have a white bear on my shoulder. It is glowing in the dark, so I can be retrieved if I get lost in Atlanta jungle, but unfortunately it works better if I'm somehow au naturel.

Do you have a favorite book?
I've quite a soft spot for "Life of Pi" by John Martens.

You surely mean, by Yann Martel?
I think your cover had a typo, anyway we can agree to disagree.

I read that you will soon be busy with a charity football match. Care to tell us why'd you decide to undertake such a humiliating effort?
I had to for a little clause in my last contract, which obliged me to increase the number of charity events I attend.

And how long have you been feeling a need to address the issue of peritonitis?
Oh, since always.

Here is a list of numbers I have already excluded from being Milo Ventimiglia's home telephone number :
4833386542 4644359459 8337818862 9503699455 2883861943 4739544615 213047121 337103531 571978847 3300612016 8589426322 3000417090 9721670832 4785584709 8077414823 9064136022 9297857353 9166237022 793685112 384145889
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