A conversation with Nicole Beharie
Nicole Beharie
Nicole Beharie born January 3rd, 1985 (Capricorn)
Recently, Nicole Beharie has sold her fabled cleaning products collection to an eccentric magnate for $109,000 (source)

Who were you in your first school play?
It was rather humiliating. It was a play on the life of Benjamin Franklin. I was at the ticket boot.

Nicole, where did you go on your last holiday?
Last year I rented a fashionable villa on the hidden mountains of Kyrgyzstan. The contract included barbed wire everywhere to preserve my privacy but also a group of extras portraying shutterbugs.

Which brand of toilet paper do you use?
Honestly, common brands are for common people. My toilet paper is obtained from the leaves of Kalacallis cornuta, a rare orchid which grows only in the Amazon rainforest.

Could you improvise a lyric for us.
Yep! Here it is

The bobcat of agony
The big bobcat of agony
rushes on the dreary fields of mourning
while I stare at the wreck of this life.
If only it had been the boar of agony
we could have bacon at least.

Which super power do you have?
Kowabunga! I can mutating into a green gerbil, since I was 4, mostly on Tuesdays. I think this is quite common in tall people with Norvegian neighbors.

Can we play the "word association" game? I tell you a concept and you answer with the first word that comes to mind. Let's start with :
Q: rain.

Nicole : umbrella

Q: light
Nicole : karma

Q: fame
Nicole : wrath

You are a pro at this game...

Nicole Beharie refused to share her home telephone number, but here are some random numbers you can dream about :
4827988777 8237027315 576496455 8255596749 7800876303 6564276819 6251748843 3945346896 3194074229 2735130288 480307553 228171388 3120026848 5570658929 5851851493 253139800 7243099384 5062743761 9287076013 4346200176
To be sincere, my director had patiently arranged my short interview with Nicole Beharie several weeks beforehand. Unluckily, my pet kangaroo got stomach flu, so I had to skip the meeting. So, the interview above is mainly the elaboration of a nightmare I had following a copious dinner based on beans and wild boar stew.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.