A conversation with Odeya Rush
Odeya Rush
Odeya Rush born May 12th, 1997 (Taurus)
In her mansion in California, right across that owned by Ludacris, Odeya Rush is producing her own wine, whose name, by an unluckly accident, sounds just like a revolting curse in Yiddish (pixabay photo)

Is there a deep meaning hidden in "The Giver"?
Aye! That things always get worse before they get better.

In your opinion, which is the most beautiful flag?
I always liked Sierra Gordo flag, probably because it has my picture in the center.

Do you know the "word association" game? I say a concept and you answer with the first word that comes to mind. Let me start with :
Q: fate.

Odeya : police

Q: triumph
Odeya : Spiderman

Q: people
Odeya : vermin

I think we had fun enough...
Apart from acting, is there one thing you do better than anybody else?

I can balance a roll of banknotes on my chin for at least 30 seconds.

You hit the mark in "The Giver". Were you given plenty of latitude to shape your character?
You bet! In the original screenplay my character was a dietitian. With a glass eye, for Pete's sake!

Odeya Rush refused to divulge her secret telephone number, but here are some random numbers you can dream about :
7001223167 4789540244 995966447 899435595 3643948279 595962331 6020375614 3244742944 5502993678 6911242286 8762346788 3686902759 931869022 7421056269 4700322932 8926512629 4103181697 7811815587 4640802166 511343884
I planned a little appointment with Odeya Rush for months. The resulting article was mind-blowing, like it was written by the ghost of Alexandre Dumas after too much white wine. Thus, it was unfortunate that my mother in law by accident (I hope!) shredded my only copy! After I put myself together, I struggled to remember those impressive words. So, to be clear, I'm not really so certain this web page is an absolutely genuine account of what transpired during our interview, and thus I'm starting to question whether it actually took place...
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