A conversation with Patricia Arquette
Patricia Arquette
Patricia Arquette born April 8th, 1968 (Aries)
Last week, Patricia Arquette has sold her celebrated gummy bears collection to an unnamed collector for $217,000 (pixabay photo)

What's your vice?
Oversleeping is an known issue so my team of technicians have invented an alarm clock that has hours of 53 minutes. I expect that you are going to criticize me for that. Luckily another vice of mine is I don't give a monkey's.

When your are not on the set, which is your main pastime?
I think that collecting buttons rests my mind.

In your opinion, which is the most beautiful flag?
I think it is that of Dinotopia. It is violet and black with a little brown hamster in the middle.

Are you superstitious?
Okey-doke! I have to eat something white before a relevant occasion. Clearly not this one.

Could you suggest a remedy for back pain?
That's right! In case of back pain, mix one part of white wine, two parts of tea and some Tabasco sauce. Drink this brew every 25 minutes for 2 hours.

Patricia, do you have something to say to young people?
Totally! Don't let the color of your skin dictate how much of the world you're going to see. Unless you are green. In that case drive to a clinic asap.

You hit the mark in "True Romance". Were you given a lot of latitude to mold your character?
Oh, yes! Oh, I nailed it! There was a writers' strike, so I had to ad lib most of my lines.

Patricia, do you have any superpower?
Holy moly! I can swimming in warm broth, since I was 10, except on Thursdays. Maybe this is not so atypical in stunning people with Druidian forebears.

After extensive reserch I concluded the following list doesn't contain Patricia Arquette's secret telephone number :
9766626758 4568696585 6536865721 4677505800 4171028706 3667724837 5840047471 6556638565 8006604944 2722792768 9167886266 2254363960 3645887132 7154881162 5042746065 5938777618 6694925055 6907633494 4188423716 8467965977
My brief appointment with Patricia Arquette has been set up many months in advance. The resulting interview was mind-boggling, like "Romeo and Juliet" rewritten by Gandalf. So, it was very deplorable, to put it mildly, that my neighbor set my only copy on fire! After I buried the body (so to speak), I struggled to extract from my vanishing memory those great words. Actually, to be straight here: I'm not one hundred percent certain this web page is an absolutely truthful account of our rendezvous, and I'm starting to ask myself if it ever was real...
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