A conversation with Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd born April 6th, 1969 (Aries)
In the course of his last scripture, Paul Rudd has got a nasty addiction to durian fruits (source)

What do you eat between meals?
Kale leaves with bbq sauce, a canned baked bean, three tuna slices, and a few drops of cider.

Did you ever participated in a séance?
Positively! But just one time. It was a very excruciating experience. At a certain point, the spirit of Michelangelo appeared and conjectured that almost surely I'm the reincarnation of Walt Disney's food taster.

Do people scream your name and applaud everywhere you go?
Crickety! I dig people's mind. I really make no distinction as to gender or occupation: I'm known to move famous heirs and unremarkable housewives alike. It's nice to know that there are 15 avenues with my name in three different countries, not counting Palombia and Luxembourg, which I'm not sure are actually countries.

You were amazing in "Role Models". Were you given plenty of room to shape your character?
Absolutely! In the original screenplay my character was an alien. With red hair, for crying out loud!

What’s the best sound in the world?
Probably it is the muted rustle of a roll of new banknotes kissing each other. However, my agent desires you write instead something more mainstream, say, "the snore of your sleeping baby" or "the effervescent giggle of a light-hearted kid ".

Paul, do you have something to say to your youngest fans?
Totally! Clinical research has demonstrated that smoking dried bananas may have undesirable long-term repercussions, like loss of appetite or sudden death. But dread no more! Buy "Paul's shield", now with Geocupra alternata syrup. Just $19.99 for 90 tablets. (Disclaimer : Not actually a cure. It often may cause loss of sleep or induce suicide. Gluten-free. It may contain traces of shrimps and glitter).

Could you improvise a poem for us.
Yes! Here it is

Everthing you took away
You took away the emotions,
you took your love away from me.
A book, a scarf alone in a drawer
the desolate vestiges of you.
You took away all that I had,
everything I care you took away,
so how come your mother is here to stay?

Paul, what's your favorite vice?
Oversleeping is an known issue so my team of technicians have created an alarm clock that has hours of 49 minutes. I’m probably going to be criticized for that. Luckily another vice of mine is not giving a shit.

Paul Rudd refused to share his home telephone number, but here are some random numbers you can dream about :
5873717996 895150346 2819948090 449930077 7214197144 7264141115 8134460336 563763247 409266989 5718348376 9932218830 3626701802 4153948296 4208311216 587996911 6121708725 8546726347 231602619 471826858 5106338104
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