A conversation with Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel born February 13th, 1950 (Aquarius)
Because of an innocuous bizarre accident with his blimp, Peter Gabriel has lived for 4 months in the Brazilian jungle. He was alone, except for his cat Tarina and his strong will (source)

Do you do your own shopping?
I'm so hard-pressed doing very important things for the good of all of us (except the ones who are dead) that I can't waste time on such trivialities. Actually, I pay a group of economists to elaborate my grocery list and e-mail it to a crew of pro buyers distributed around the planet. For the clothes, I ever employ a team of stand-in, one for each body part.

Peter, do you have any superpower?
I can shrink other people ears, mostly on Fridays.

I've heard you are writing a book on your life. Is it true?
Yes! It is untoward that I have little time to put down the words, as we writers use to say. Recently I've read the back cover of the book "Siddhartha", and I found it more or less passable. Therefore, I've asked my agent to call the author - a certain Hermann Hesse - since I really need a ghost writer, but for the time being I've not received any answer.

Do you Google yourself often?
Not so often anymore. Say every two hours. But lately Google often asks "Did you mean Peter Gybriel", who turns out to be a former web developer from Memphis. That's quite depressing, but not as much embarassing as learning that for Bing my name is similar to a terrible obscenity in Mongolian.

What happen if you play your song "Solsbury Hill" backward?
Your windows may explode.

What do you eat between meals?
Rice grains with applesauce, a vegetarian burger, four dried fruits, and a few drops of brandy.

Which is the most embarrassing DVD (or VHS) in hour home?
Dash it! Apart from "Hobgoblins", I fear it is "Jack Frost". I think Michael Keaton was not too proud of it afterwards.

Are you allergic to anything?
Yes, mainly to carbon dioxide, nonsense and zebra milk (don't ask!).

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Peter Gabriel's private telephone number :
4059637811 897520752 4485838840 7342195215 6844892905 6309294449 3921276319 8872488695 5854426373 3573694424 258476419 7305429062 8415868305 241412070 4278295314 3762347267 386988890 8165734847 9932415398 3919503150
To be honest, my boss had patiently scheduled my appointment with Peter Gabriel many months beforehand. Unfortunately, I realized I had better things to do, like learning Polish or visiting Canada. So, the interview above is essentially based on what Peter Gabriel would have probably answered if I have met him, as suggested by a statistics involving a couple of his fans.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.