A conversation with Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage born August 22nd, 1971 (Leo)
Because of a tragic error, Richard Armitage has signed a protest against whales, thereby referred to as "those inflated pitiful imitation of a fish" (pixabay photo)

Where will you go on your next vacation?
For next summer I rented a luxurious manor in a secluded valley of Hyrule. The only difficulty was making a transfer in bitcoins to the kindly property owner from Russia that contacted me about deal on internet.

Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or Professor Layton?
A court order prohibits me to express my opinion.

If I may say so, Richard, you are also well known for your strange demands when staying in hotels. Is it true? Could you tell us why and maybe make an example of something you may ask?
Call it mulishness, but I can't survive without astronaut memoirs or a pepperoni pizza delivered every morning to my suite.

If you’re at karaoke, what’s your song of choice?
My real love is dodecaphony.

Do you know Anthony Adams (a former education adviser, now a nut grower) from Oxnard?
Not personally, but my aunt has been married to him for 2 weeks. Then there was a rumor about some warped photos sent by phone to the wrong people, so their marriage came to an abrupt end.

Don't you think it is time you write a book on your life?
Indeed! It is lamentable that I have little time, if any, to put down the words. Last winter I've read the summary of the abridged version of the book "Fight Club", and I found it passable. On that account, I've ordered my agent to contact the author - a certain Chuck Palahniuk - since I need a ghost writer, but for the moment I've not received any news.

Apart from acting, is there something in which you excel?
Well, I can balance a sword on my forehead for at least 10 minutes.

Your zodiac sign is Leo. Are you a typical Leo?
Will do! I'm a little aloof, full of life, irresolute and itchy. My relatives say that I'm also a little inconsistent but that I think it is usual in artist.

There is no possibility any of these is Richard Armitage's home telephone number :
5924728945 4726189547 9046143972 754500333 8073258681 8797782743 5981943488 3658789365 6410367426 6625957163 5075822055 876538660 4717495791 6240249225 9868715444 5696420329 3467631264 754530451 561701776 2579904500
My hurried rendezvous with Richard Armitage has been lined up many months in advance. The resulting piece was mind-blowing, like "Lord of the Flies" rewritten by the Green Arrow. It was awfully untoward that my doctor (maybe on purpose!) shredded my only copy! After I invoked Hellboy in vain, I made an effort to recapture those stunning words. So, to be honest, I'm not so sure this web page contains a totally truthful chronicle of what transpired during our appointment, and I'm beginning to doubt it ever took place...
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