A conversation with Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike born January 27th, 1979 (Aquarius)
Which is Rosamund Pike's trick to achieve spotless skin? Surprisingly, it is a scrubbing with fresh yak milk once a month (source)

I've heard you are writing a book. Would you like to share with us a few details?
The actual details on my imminent book will soon be published in the book itself. What I can divulge now is that it will be a guide to choosing door knobs. It will be tattoed on backs and legs of 900 fans that will be set loose in Minneapolis.

Which is the most blush-making DVD in your possession?
Fee-fi-fo-fum! Excluding "From Justin to Kelly", I fear it is "LOL" or "The Sweetest Thing".

Rosamund, what’s your worst habit?
A few people say that I have a propensity to go about with small things behind my ear, like a cigarette or a corn cob.

Rosamund, are you superstitious?
All right! I have to wear something blue right before an important event. Obviously not this one.

What motivates you to act?
I hear a voice that motivates me. His name is Walter. I'm sorry, but Walter says you are an ass.

Do people yell your name and applaud everywhere you go?
Yeah! The crowd loves me so much. I really make no distinction: I'm known to move prosperous neurosurgeons and unremarkable bookkeepers in the same fashion. Say, there are 15 plazas with my name in four different countries, not counting Bangistan and Uzbekistan, which I'm not sure are actually countries.

I heard that you will soon participate to a charity eating marathon. Would you tell us why'd you decide to undertake such a humble effort?
It was my agent's idea.

And how long have you been feeling an urge to fight rheumatism?
Since I imagined I contracted it.

Here is a list of numbers I have already excluded from being Rosamund Pike's home telephone number :
857040904 7908497732 3170957389 552575549 686031661 2806704964 9515723089 8612519984 3782220065 3723029823 8092746346 6854772519 5093462980 3917851510 5444951034 8737747849 3868336178 8706214375 9702568056 314468626
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