An interview with Samantha Mumba
Samantha Mumba
Samantha Mumba born January 18th, 1983 (Capricorn)
Because of a catastrophic mix-up, Samantha Mumba has subscribed a petition against dolphins (pixabay photo)

I'm here today with Samantha Mumba, who just made her way through her last album. Hi, Samantha, and welcome to An Evening With James.
It's a pleasure being here, also because your building is next to a frankfurter kiosk I dig a lot.

Do you know the "word association" game? I say a concept and you answer with another word. I begin with :
Q: cat.

Samantha : dog

Q: wake
Samantha : sunset

Q: peace
Samantha : vermin

I don't think you are in the right mood.
Samantha, you are always so strapping. Which is your secret?

I have embraced the Blue Diet: in the month of June I eat exclusively blue foods, like blueberries, blue corn, blue crabs and naturally deceased blue jays.

Do you have a favorite flag?
I always liked Gondor flag, probably because it has my picture in a corner.

Where do you go when you die?
If you behaved, you go to Italy, if you have been evil, you go to Atlanta.

Here is a list of numbers I have already excluded from being Samantha Mumba's private telephone number :
5587676906 9269307751 8547672599 8813582255 7572400191 7771969249 7615087056 704029040 265197661 578869984 2279330971 4919864572 294028544 834787236 3336550426 9193622751 4336460618 761037430 2006164423 9148708316
My brief rendezvous with Samantha Mumba has been patiently scheduled several weeks in advance. The resulting transcription was fantastic, like "The Dukan Diet" rewritten by Daredevil. It was awfully regrettable that another inmate (maybe on purpose!) ate my only copy! After I dissimulated devastating emotions, I tried to recall those awe-inspiring words. To be straight here: I'm not really so sure this web page is an absolutely truly report of our conversation, and thus I'm starting to doubt it ever happened...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.