A conversation with Sarah Wayne Callies
Sarah Wayne Callies
Sarah Wayne Callies born June 1st, 1977 (Gemini)
Donald Gutierrez, the new Sarah Wayne Callies' head of security, is constantly testing different methods to turn away stalkers and irritating devotees (source)

Sarah, where will you go on your next vacation?
For my next holiday I leased a fashionable villa in a secluded valley of Ruritania. The only problem was making a transfer in bitcoins to the cheerful gentleman from Russia that proposed me the affair by email.

Which is your technique for eternal beauty?
Curiously, it is a sponging with cold jello twice a day.

Do you ever Google yourself?
Say every other day or so. But lately Google often says "Including results for Sarah Wyyne Callies", who supposedly is a retired arborist from Chicago. That's quite annoying, but not as much worrisome as discovering that according to Yahoo my name is similar to a terrible blasphemy in Turkish.

Sarah, your zodiac sign is Gemini. May I read you your horoscope?
As you want, my supporters say I'm a sucker for zodiacal tomfoolery.

You have gathered a great deal of enmity inside you that can discharge suddenly. You will overcome this only if you absolve or murder somebody who has injured you in the past.
Ooh la la! If I did believe in this zodiacal lunacy, now I would be somehow depressed.

What would you like to do right now?
Drink something salty.

When you were a little girl, did you see yourself as a professional actress?
Positively! Even though it actually was my second choice. First one was pope. Or maybe roadkills collector, it was a hard choice.

You have been seen in an embarassing position with a singer whose name and whose gender I'm not at liberty to announce. Do you care to comment?
I deny any "situation", expecially one with P.D..

I may have a picture.
Well, the photo is surely just an accident...

An accident? I do not understand.
You know, accidents happen. Like when you accidentally take a double exposure. Or, for example, your house may be "accidentally" frisked by the FBI looking for some felonious things a dude may have "accidentally" planted there. Are we clear now?

I was just mocking you, there is no picture at all...

There is no possibility any of these is Sarah Wayne Callies' home telephone number :
7493281630 3610168765 3223364857 2972146617 6322276728 321195956 760801564 585364827 8096982075 756730342 9700924021 7064630210 8013679551 4066267427 5513488549 262927693 4863926576 9361832727 8512489627 8116063328
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