A conversation with Sean Penn
Sean Penn
Sean Penn born August 17th, 1960 (Leo)
Is her his secret lover? (pixabay photo)

What is the most uncanny dream that you remember?
Not actually a dream: I found myself alone in an empty dim place. A rotten aftertaste in my mouth. Then I remembered I got stoned at a screening of "Speed 2" in a shabby cinema near Tucson.

Which super power do you have?
Oh dear! I hear ultrasounds, since I was 8.

Which is your favorite snack?
Garlic bread slices with sesame oil, a cracker, two frozen pizzas, and a bit of tequila.

Are you aware of the rumors about you and the horse appearing in your last movie?
The dickens! My demeanor was totally professional, as it always has been.

When your are not acting, which is your favored diversion?
I think that collecting old TV antennas rests my mind.

Who are your heroes?
Donald (the underestimated cousin of Steven Hawking), Han Solo, and myself.

Can you share with us a memory of your role in "Mystic River"?
Crickety! They do not put together a cast like that anymore! There are a lot of good causes for that...

Sean, do you like jackals?
I'll say not!

Why you do not like jackals, if I may ask?
First of all, they reek! And one jackal bite my cousin's intimate bits. This is one of the reasons I decided to become an actor, so I may reconsider my opinion about jackals.

And now a bunch of numbers which are not Sean Penn's secret telephone number :
8371225968 4867373263 5914691706 6343124129 6322578050 6233547467 8403186593 8183986703 892154938 9807017335 7908498931 8838931187 761481415 319214001 694523919 6080043285 7047308915 7086358733 405316347 350353635
I have a confession to make. My supervisor had patiently lined up my short interview with Sean Penn several months beforehand. Regrettably, I fall asleep watching a rerun of "Man of the House". So, this web page is mainly the impression of a nightmare I had following a generous dinner based on beans and deep-fried Mars bars.
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