A talk with Sean Penn
Sean Penn
Sean Penn born August 17th, 1960 (Leo)
In the course of his last scripture, Sean Penn has got a pernicious addiction to durian fruits (source)

Do you have a favorite flag?
Surely the flag of Bangistan, probably because it has my face in a corner. Bangistan is a beautiful but unlucky nation. They are so broke their currency is printed on used train tickets.

Are you allergic to anything?
O.K.! I have a little intolerance to baboons, nitric oxide and paparazzi.

Sean, are you superstitious?
Sure enough! I swear in Bulgarian right before a significant occasion. Obviously not this one.

Sean, you have been seen in a particular setting with a singer whose name I've not the permission to expose. Do you care to comment?
Do you mean W.P.? It's a totally inoffensive thing. I deny any other "situation", expecially one with V.N...

I may have a picture.
Well, the photo is probably just an accident...

An accident? I do not understand.
Well, accidents happen. Like when you "accidentally" fake a photo. Or, for example, your dog or your car may "by accident" take fire. Are we on the level?

Now that I look at it under a better light, this is probably a photo of my cat...
In an article published on Transactions on Practical Impressionism, prof. Peter Scott described your movies as "a perfect personification of present-day contextual constructivism". Anything to add?

Well, I think that in his recent essay printed on Australasian Journal of Qualitative Ontology, dr. Daniel Y. Turner totally rebuked that illogical thesis.

And now a bunch of numbers which are not Sean Penn's home telephone number :
5047529702 2527482695 2832515338 5007994422 2783071193 2354975562 4370569364 4121623045 3170355498 8228576996 7113290450 4970924605 5207327040 621042560 5229749696 5476733105 3967512420 263019127 810101198 5024172806
I set up a brief exchange with Sean Penn many months in advance. The resulting interview was mind-blowing, like it was written by Anton Chekhov under the influence of too much white wine. Thus, it was disastrous, to put it mildly, that my uncle Anthony (probably on purpose!) set my only copy on fire! After I slept over it, I attempted to remember those wonderful words. I want to be frank here: I'm not so confident this web page contains a completely accurate chronicle of what transpired during our exchange, and so I'm starting to wonder if it actually took place...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.