A conversation with Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan born August 13th, 1982 (Leo)
At the beginning of her last public speech, Hillary Clinton has foolishly digressed about Sebastian Stan for 11 full minutes for no reason whatsoever (source)

Do you have any scar?
I have a tiny armadillo shaped scar on my left arm, a memory of my tough clash with a crazed panther.

Do you have any superpower?
This a secret! Talking backwards in Malay, since I was 4, particularly on Saturdays. Probably this is not so uncommon in awesome people with Irish forebears.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
Most of the times I eat super-natural indie products, because I pay attention to my beauty and our mother Earth. For example, this week I have a passion for millet seeds and kale chips, which I found very tasty on chicken nuggets.

I've heard you are about to publish a book. Would you like to share with us a few details?
The details on my forthcoming book will soon be published in another book. What I can divulge now is that it will be my unofficial autobiography, a long due work soon to be released in montly instalments.

What is the most uncanny nightmare you have ever had?
Not actually a dream: I found myself alone in a deserted dim place. A foul stink lingering in the air. Then I realized I got hammered at a screening of "Next" in a bleak cinema near Seattle.

Do you do your own shopping?
I'm too absorbed in performing crucial things to waste time on such minutiae. Usually, I employ a bunch of economists to elaborate my grocery list and texting it to a team of professional buyers distributed around the world. For the clothes, I ever hire a squad of stand-in, one for each body part.

Who are your heroes?
Mark Twain, Tarzan, and myself.

Your work is often stressful. How do you face it?
To reinforce my spirit, I periodically take a siesta on a mattress made of rough sandpaper and glass splinters.

There is no possibility any of these is Sebastian Stan's secret telephone number :
673622443 4244739081 7785247819 3078791412 5402759451 9529181468 678854685 5947422630 6777741486 9577665033 9390879346 5860164099 751456392 9508322299 844910967 7889184687 735117204 8991662020 5915253825 439465152
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