A talk with Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci born November 11th, 1960 (Scorpio)
In his manor in Italy, next to the Sting's one, Stanley Tucci is producing his own wine, whose name, by an unluckly coincidence, sounds like a shocking obscenity in Yiddish (pixabay photo)

Stanley, you seem to be always so sprightly and effervescent. Do you also have a dark side?
It's difficult to confess it, but I do. I do believe that each person has two sides. Sometimes, when I bump into another actor, I shake with aversion and my heart grows darker. And then, without warning, I sense the urge to delete his heckling smug look. That is my sunny side... I let you figure out how dark my dark side is.

What would you like to do right now?
Buy a drawbridge for my dungeon.

Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or Professor Layton?
A restraining order disallows me from expressing my opinion.

Can you tell me the square root of 388917770?
According to my supporters one of the possible answers is 65.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
Ah, years ago I was crossing Poland in a battered minivan with a special friend. We did "it" in the woods, in the very heart of nature.

Do you know the "word association" game? I say a word and you say quickly the first word that comes to mind. I begin with :
Q: purple.

Stanley : car

Q: gift
Stanley : Memphis

Q: enemies
Stanley : corpses

I feel you are not in the mood.

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Stanley Tucci's home telephone number :
6540518706 7634978073 385182550 2628775457 693825148 4612720757 7396300308 8787051362 3097402123 7815625776 234003660 3993377703 4611536875 6516025904 8009297735 321499311 9546266663 2839734686 586272383 2460582236
I patiently set up a brief exchange with Stanley Tucci many days in advance. The resulting article was mind-boggling, like it was written by J.R.R. Tolkien under the effects of unhealthy beverages. Thus, it was very deplorable, to put it mildly, that my neighbor set my only copy on fire! After I invoked Catwoman in vain, I struggled to recollect those mind-blowing words. To be honest, I'm not so sure this web page is a completely truthful run-down of our interview, and I'm starting to be uncertain it ever was real...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.