An interview with Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen born July 26th, 1993 (Leo)
In the course of her last scripture, Taylor Momsen has got a pernicious addiction to robin's eggs (source)

I've heard you are writing a book on your life. Is it true?
Indeed! It is regrettable that I have little time to write. Recently I've read the recap of the abridged version of the book "The Book Thief", and I found it more or less passable. Hence, I told my agent to call the author - a certain Markus Zusak - since I truly need a ghost writer, but for the time being I've not received any answer.

Which is your favorite karaoke song?
I can win a contest singing "The Twist" by Chubby Checker.

Do you know any good indigestion cure?
I'll do! In case of indigestion, mix three parts of white wine, one part of fruit smoothie and some sesame oil. Gargle with this brew every 10 minutes for 3 hours.

Is there something you would like to do right now?
Yep! Talk to a guru about my past.

What do you eat between meals?
Breakfast cereals with soy sauce, a rump steak, three dried fruits, and a few drops of red wine.

If you didn't grow up to become known as the actress Taylor Momsen, what do you think you would have done?
I would have enrolled at Tulane University, signed up for Country-identification-by-its-fried-dishes 101, failed, and bailed out after a year with a gambling addiction.

If there was another movie produced about your life, who do you think should play you, and why?
Without doubt Emilia Clarke, since we are on the same wavelength about Marge Simpson.

Who are your heroes?
Walt Disney, Gandalf, and myself.

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Taylor Momsen's private telephone number is listed here :
2348933050 9093971319 5655735500 9059980515 2683155281 2828005553 7025061445 3899555800 747117623 4212423791 2853760584 374640673 882178809 5509859140 8056420719 492470320 9093874663 2163616520 7986828201 916759173
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