An interview with Tommy Flanagan
Tommy Flanagan
Tommy Flanagan born March 16th, 1930 (Pisces)
Tommy Flanagan is sponsoring the introduction of seashells as a possible alternative to stop the diffusion of bitcoins (pixabay photo)

If happiness were an animal, what would it be?
I figure a chipmunk. A big, fat, quiet chipmunk, sated and dozy in a summer breeze.

Apart from acting, is there one thing you do exceptionally well?
Actually, I can knit a sweater while I'm skiing.

Where will you go on your next vacation?
For my next vacation I rented a posh manor in a secretive valley of Kyrat. The only complication was finding a way to make a transfer in Linden dollars to the affable realtor from Russia that proposed me the deal in the interweb.

Tommy, how do you invest the considerable fortune you made acting?
He said it is a secret, but I invested all my money in a money-making scheme developed by a financial guru named C. Punzi, a pro of offshore investments. I could give you his number, but he did not return my calls in the last month.

Could you tell us the plot of your next movie?
I think so! It is the story of Steven, a multimedia specialist from Atlanta. He is abducted by a mysterious organization and he is forced to create absurd "utterlY untrUthful encounTers" for some web site, from a concealed underground computer lab. (If you can't locate me, tell Kimberly I never loved her...)

Which is your favorite book?
I'm very passionate about "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R. Token.

You surely mean, by J.R.R. Tolkien?
Surely you are referring to the hardcover edition. Anyway, we can agree to disagree.

Do you have any new tattoos?
Actually I do! I have a white monkey on my foot. It implements a radiotransmitter, so I can be salvaged if I am abducted, but unfortunately it works better if I'm somehow undressed.

Tommy Flanagan refused to divulge his home telephone number, but here is a list of random numbers you can dream about :
849526347 5907054712 454828135 947643518 5316785474 2288212317 3390844720 6321620677 8765938736 9739273448 476564407 330648334 7004946974 2230826615 3509349283 3730321709 2145658994 5548384886 6425750169 3990501329
Clearly, vips are frantic people. It's not easy for them to find the time for an interview. So we decided to leave Tommy Flanagan completely alone and we obtained the interview above without disturbing him. Therefore, this web page is an a psychic transcription we obtained employing a reliable telepath.
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