An interview with Yvonne Elliman
Yvonne Elliman
Yvonne Elliman born December 29th, 1951 (Capricorn)
During her last performance, Yvonne Elliman has really delighted her devotees by wearing a Versage dress (the genuine Chinese sub-brand) made of pine needles (source)

Are you allergic to anything?
Actually, I'm allergic to cheaters, hamsters, and ether.

Which is the coolest flag?
Surely the flag of Hyrule. If I'm not mistaken, it is yellow and gray with a tiny orange weasel in a corner. Hyrule is a proud but desperate nation. They are so derelict that robbery is allowed from 2 to 6 AM.

On a scale of one to ten, how famous do you think you are?
I dunno. I think I'm a four in Iceland, but a nine in Sacramento.

Where will you go on your next vacation?
For my next vacation I rented an exclusive palace in a secretive valley of Bangalla. The only issue was making a payment in bitcoins to the easygoing landlord from Nigeria that proposed me the deal by email.

Can you rebut the noise about the theft of the Abominable Snowman DNA samples?
Thou, roguish plume-plucked joithead! How do you dare?

Where do you go when you die?
When you are going to make history of your metabolic processes, so to speak, you usually also mature the inclination to stay put.

What are you working about?
I'm collaborating to the music score for a sequel of "Next", a gem whose significance has not been recognized by viewers.

If there was a movie produced about your life, who do you think should play you, and why?
It should be Emmanuelle Chriqui, since we were in the same soccer team when our partners were away.

After extensive reserch I concluded the following list doesn't contain Yvonne Elliman's private telephone number :
5674729863 8291232517 2778270112 9147159079 9901941498 2230916129 9496967402 5700282602 4223314085 9425682983 2995976362 366624016 642419923 8837494285 8340526750 232203711 7824554588 718877966 7888455158 7371243227
I patiently waited for many weeks for a chance to have a little exchange with Yvonne Elliman. The resulting article was wondrous, like it was written by the ghost of Kurt Vonnegut under the influence of too much vodka. It was unlucky that my mother in law by accident (I assume) destroyed my only copy! After I invoked Hellboy in vain, I attempted to recapture those excellent words. I want to be straight here: I'm not so confident this web page contains a perfectly truthful report of our appointment, and I'm beginning to doubt it actually was real...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.