A conversation with Zachary Levi
Zachary Levi
Zachary Levi born September 29th, 1980 (Libra)
Sambo, the adored pet frog of Zachary Levi, also doubles as a healthy appetizer in case of ravenous appetite (pixabay photo)

Could you improvise a poem for us.
I think I will! Here it is

The kangaroo of sadness
The ghostly kangaroo of sadness
rushes on the muddy mountains of madness
while I look in the eye existence mourning.
If only it had been the pork of sadness
we could have bacon at least.

If I may ask, do you have any peculiar fear?
I suffer from an unreasonable phobia for the color purple, after a freak accident occurred to my aunt. I'm also scared by porcelain dolls, but that is quite normal.

Apart from acting, what one thing do you do better than anybody else?
I can move my ears independenty while I pat my back.

I read that you will soon participate to a charity cooking marathon. Care to tell us why'd you decide to undertake such a titanic effort?
I had to. Because of the astral conjunction, you know.

And since when did you feel an urge to fight allergy?
Without all due respect, I couldn't care less about it.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
Ah, good memories... Several years ago I went camping in Afghanistan with a friend and we did "it" in the woods, in the middle of nature.

Can you share with us a memory of your role in "Tangled"?
Jawohl! The set was full of ants. They were coming outta the goddamn walls!.

What’s the best sound in the world?
Almost surely it is the soothing tingle of two emeralds caressing each other. But please, write instead something more mainstream, like "the breath of your sleeping daughter" or "the comforting purr of a satisfied kitten".

Zachary Levi refused to divulge his home telephone number, but here is a list of random numbers you can dream about :
3970416967 6641397358 3341316556 725266623 7879878102 5473252352 3623294425 722909350 726810029 923615369 9657678730 5325460782 2390199365 2149789887 2685656430 2388956380 6233390413 514112941 4799860941 7968120020
My little appointment with Zachary Levi has been patiently scheduled days in advance. The resulting article was staggering, like "Madame Bovary" rewritten by Captain America. Hence, it was unfortunate, to put it mildly, that another inmate (maybe on purpose!) devoured my only copy! After I left the padded cell, I tried to recollect those excellent words. I want to be frank, I'm not one hundred percent confident this web page contains a perfectly truthful account of our meeting, and now I'm starting to be uncertain it ever happened...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.